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Uganda, termed as the "Pearl of Africa", is a country home to over half of the world's population of mountain gorillas. Are you dreaming of going for a mountain gorilla trekking trip vacation, Uganda is the country to go to. The country is also home to various primates such as the Chimpanzees and the Golden monkeys among others found in Kibale and other primate destinations.

This landlocked country has further to offer while on Uganda Safari vacation apart from the gorilla and chimp trekking experiences. The country is home to various national parks for your top safari vacation in Uganda activities such as game viewing, birding, water sports, to name but a few.

These include Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo, and Murchison Falls NP, Rwenzori Mountains Trekking are all amazing sites for game drives in a savannah environment with a handful of tree climbing lions, buffalo, hippos, rhinos, zebras, and African elephants, as well as a range of antelope species are some of the wildlife to encounter on your safari vacation.

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Top Safari Vacation Activities

Uganda is an amazing safari vacation destination, there is absolutely no doubt the country is blessed with spectacular natural beauty, a fantastic climate throughout the year, and diversely interesting regions with diverse cultures. While on your safari vacation in Uganda here are some activities to engage in.

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Things to know before going on a Uganda safari vacation?

1. When is the best time to go on a safari vacation in Uganda?

Uganda can be visited throughout the year, this owes to the fact that it's a tropical country. The country has two main seasons; the dry and the wet season.
The dry season is in June to August and December to February which offers a great time for a Ugandan safari vacation to trek gorillas and other primates plus the various wildlife in the savannah grasslands which are out in search of water from the sources.

The wet season is between March to May; this offers a big challenge for travelers opting for Uganda safari vacations as both the roads to the safari parks are unaccessible and partly some lodges are shut down as a result of the heavy rains.

2. Why should one decide to go for a vacation safari in Uganda?

Uganda is a top safari destination with top attractions such as the mountain gorilla in the Bwindi Forest, these are only found in only two more countries in the world that's Congo and Rwanda.

More to that is the Kibale Forest, East Africa's prime primate capital. While at the park one can undertake a chimpanzee trekking safari plus other primates and also engage in bird watching tours.

Uganda is also home to the Kidepo Valley, a wilderness haven for a number of wildlife unique to this park in the North East of the country in the Karamonja region. More to that is the amazing Murchison falls, a place to one of the world's strongest falls. Here one will have a chance to sail along the Victoria Nile while viewing several wildlife such as elephants, giraffes, hippo, to name but a few.

Another hot destination not to miss as you go on vacation safaris in Uganda, is the royal Queen Elizabeth National Park; this is famous for its tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha regions and the Kazinga channel with joins Lake Edward to George.

3. How much does a gorilla trekking permit cost?

The price for a gorilla trekking permit goes for $700. Uganda has two parks where one can track the mountain gorillas that is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Forest National Parks.

Tourists are allowed to track these endangered species in groups of 8 individuals per gorilla family daily. They are allowed to spend an hour with the gentle giants to see how they go about their daily routine as they can take photos of the experience.

However if one desires more time with the mountain gorilla, (s)he can opt for a gorilla habituation experience that lasts for at least four hours. The price for this experience goes for only $1500, here a group is limited to only four individuals to trek a gorilla family.

4. What wildlife should I expect on my safari vacation?

The country is an amazing wildlife and game destination due to the number of various parks across the country. Not limited to that, the country is also blessed with many waters and tropical forests offering more scenes, primates, birdlife, to name but a few.

Some of the top wildlife you won't miss include; gorillas, white Rhino, lions, leopards, hippos, buffalos, zebras, African elephants, giraffe, chimpanzees, Patas monkey, red-tailed monkey, l'Hoest's monkey, golden monkey, Ugandan red colobus, and Uganda mangabey, among others.

5. How safe is Uganda for Tourists?

Uganda today is widely considered a safe place to go for a safari vacation, even though it has been receiving bad news in the press due to political riots. This can be a case for any developing country, more so there are also cases of petty crime. Tourists are expected to take caution and follow guidelines while on their safari vacation in Uganda.

6. What type of accommodation should expect on my Uganda safari vacation?

Uganda has relatively improved its safari lodge and camping options for tourists on safari. These range from budget, mid-range to luxury suites or tents depending on the clients' preference.

Other top things to do on your Safari Tours in Uganda Include; Mount Kilimanjaro Trek, Ngorongoro Crater Safari Tours, Uganda Safari Holidays, Serengenti National Park Trips, Masai Mara Safari Holidays, Kenya Gorilla Trekking, Serengenti Safari Tour and a Murchison Falls Tours.

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